Managing Service Awards in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

What is a Service Award?

A service aware is issued to long standing employees for their loyalty and commitment to a company. There are usually several tiers of service awards with the reward growing larger for each tier. A service award might be issued at 5 years followed by 10 years and so forth.

Service awards help inspire loyalty to a company. They allow the employee to feel as if they are of value to the company rousing increased motivation and productivity.

Service Award Module Features

The Service Award Module eliminates all of the manual work for a company. The system will automatically track and validate the employment history for all workers. This system of checks and balances prevents any human error as the system will only allow awards to be issued to the correct employees.

The module also brings a great deal of flexibility for a business allowing them to set whatever goals they wish and any amount for the reward. Any amount of rewards tiers can be created and the system even allows for a business to differentiate between their full time and part time employees.

Additionally the reporting including with the module makes it easy to track the awards over the years. With a few clicks a business can see all the awards issued to a particular employee or see what employees have reached each milestone.

If that wasn’t enough each worker profile will have a section displaying all the service award information.

The Service Award Module is simple to use as well. Once all the setups are complete the system will recommend the eligible employees. All HR needs to do is confirm and record the gift card numbers for the system records.

That’s the Service Award module in a nutshell; quick, reliable, and easy!