PTO Cash out in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

What is PTO?

PTO refers to paid time off or personal time off. PTO is time employees can take off from work and still receive compensation for that time. It typically includes vacation time, sick days and floating holidays.

PTO is a bank of days from which employees can draw for vacation, doctors’ appointments and personal days off from work. Using a PTO system, organizations can reduce unscheduled absences of their employees.

PTO Cash out is when an employee takes their excess time off and trades the time for money. The PTO cash out module integrates this process into payroll. Each approved submission will automatically push the payment to payroll without any additional input

Features of the PTO Cash Out Module in Microsoft Dynamics AX

The PTO cash out module allows for users to easily review and cash out their PTO days. This can be done from both AX and the Enterprise Portal. PTO Cash out can be done once per period for an employee and must be initiated by the user. If the employee fails to cash out by the end of the period they may miss their chance based on company policy.

How much PTO a company wishes to allow for cash out is configurable in the setups section. In the setups the module also allows for a company disclaimer noting the PTO cash out rules and regulations.

When an employee wishes to cash out their PTO they simply got to their respective system and create a new request. The system will pull all the available hours and the user must simply select the amount of hours they wish to be paid out and the date they wish to be paid.

Once the request has been submitted it will be summarized under a user’s requests. They can review the request at this time but not edit it. An employee must be certain as to which amount they wish to cash out as a PTO cash out can only be submitted once per period


The PTO Module is also integrated with the Payroll module. Once the request has been submitted the PTO cash out will be automatically pushed to payroll based on the payment date selected. The PTO balance of the employee will be updated once the payment is posted.