CEM Leave Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX

A user friendly and easy to use leave management system is an important feature for employee happiness. With CEM’s HR add-on for Microsoft Dynamics AX your company will be able to pass control of these system to your workers. Using CEM’s HR add-on users will be able to apply, approve and view leave records with no problems at all.

Features of the Leave Management

CEM’s HR add-on adds two main submodules; Leave Requests and PTO Cash Out. Both of these features are available in the client and ESS.  These submodules are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX making them indistinguishable from the out of box program. This integration also allows these submodules to communicate between modules. If a leave request or a cash out completes its desired workflows the HR module communicates this to the Payroll module. This will make the leave and cash outs appear automatically into a workers earing statements.

The Leave Requests submodule allows for a worker to apply for any type of leave a business wishes to offer. With this submodule a worker is able to check the available types of leave as well as their balances. From there they can submit for leave sending the request through the business’s desired workflow for approval. Managers will have a separate submodule which will allow them to view all leave requests and take the appropriate actions. As said above once this is approved it will be pushed into payroll.

The final submodule is PTO Cash Out. With this submodule a worker can view their accumulated PTO or whatever type of leave a business wishes. From here they can see their balances and request for the PTO to be paid out. How often and how much PTO the worker is able to cash out can be defined in setups to suit a company’s needs. This submodule can also be put through a workflow for approval allowing a manager to review their employee’s cash outs. As always with CEM products this submodule employs our inter-module integration pushing this to Payroll.

This summarizes the main features of CEM’s Leave Management Module. Please contact us for a demo if you would like more information.