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Effective Ways to Improve Project Management

Project management requires a blend of skills and talents, not just anyone can manage projects. Big or small, they require more than just an intellectual manager. Often projects are packed with unforeseen challenges and hurdles that need to be overcome, and as the manager, you can’t look to others for the answer. Add on the fact that much of what a manager does goes unnoticed by customers and team members alike, it can be a stressful job. Even so, don’t fall into the classic failings of other project managers, like poor planning, communication, and use of resources. Read below to learn how to increase the success rate of any project!

Improve Project Management by Following These Simple Steps.

Use these tips and get a successful project in no time!

project management

Stay Organized

Staying organized sounds like a “duh” thing to mention, but all too often we get comfortable with how things are and get lazy with planning. Planning for the future is essential for a successful project, and the best way to predict the future is to look to the past. Study successful projects that are in your industry. For example, if you’re in the AEC industry, look to industry leaders like Bechtel corporation, and research them. What are they doing well? What software do they use? How do they handle problems? We can learn how to stay organized by researching those that have been successful managers and mimicking what they’ve done.

Researching competition isn’t the only way to learn organization. Creating a project work plan is another lucrative option. To start off with the work plan, define the goals and strategy of the project. Get a piece of paper and write down why this project is being run, and the strategy you plan on using to get you to accomplish this goal. Be sure to write it down! Psychology has shown vast creative differences between typing documents and writing them down. Writing by hand will allow you to think bigger, improve focus, and remember what you’ve written more effectively.  Once the goals and strategy are clearly defined, let others review your work and give their thoughts on it. Make the appropriate changes and assign tasks to your employees in alignment with the goals and strategies of your project work plan.

Listen to Your Team

Managers have the whole projects on their shoulders, but that doesn’t mean they’re alone in their efforts. Remember your only as strong as your weakest person, and keeping everyone up to date, motivated, and focused is one of the hardest parts of management. How do you get your employees more efficient and productive? It all starts will effective communication. Studies show that two out of five projects don’t meet their goals because of poor communication. How you avoid being a part of this statistic? Plan ahead. I discussed before about developing a project work plan, to foster trust and improve communication, involve your team in this planning process. Let them be involved in the intricate details so they feel like their part of something more. Doing so will not only increase their job satisfaction, but also increase your understanding of the project and employee motivation. Another strategy is having a weekly stand up meeting to discuss employee accomplishments and challenges to give everyone a sense of unity. Any scheduled meeting is a good idea, and during these meetings make sure your employees are on the same page, motivated, and understand their tasks.

Utilize Project Management Software

Software has revolutionized the way we see the world. Microsoft excel has made it infinitely easier to gather, analyze, and interpret data. Google has made it possible to find any information we want within seconds. With all these technological advancements, its reasonable to assume that there exists a software that will ease the pains of project management and improve the productivity and efficiency of any project. It’s called enterprise resource planning and will streamline communication between the different departments of any business by integrating them under one unified system. Multiple types of ERP exist in today’s digital world. The one I would recommend above the rest is Microsoft Dynamics 365, and will allow you to transfer data between departments from anywhere you can use the internet.

Worried about the learning curve of using an ERP? Maybe you or your employees aren’t tech savvy and have avoided implementing or upgrading your ERP for fear of data being lost, a learning curve, or you don’t have the resources to upgrade. We at CEM provide consulting for both Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX 2012, and Talent. We will work with you to discover your needs and assist you along the way with implementation, project management, and payroll processing.

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