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Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is a part of the Enterprise Portal is Dynamics AX. ESS is a very convenient tool for both the employee and the human resources department, as it allows the employee to take control over his personal information, his benefits, timesheet, payroll, skills and education, etc. it allows the employee to keep his information up to date without having to physically visit the HR department. This also saves a lot of time for the HR department and allows them to focus on more important HR functions instead of administrative tasks and paper work.

CEM ESS add-ons complemented Microsoft AX2012 ESS, and made it more interactive between the employees, their managers and the company.

CEM ESS add-ons key features are the following:

  • Employees can view and manage their benefits: they can enroll in a benefit, wave a benefit, add/or remove a dependent.
  • Employees can apply for leaves, keep track of their PTO, and even request a PTO cash out through ESS.
  • The complete performance management cycle is done through ESS, employees and managers both interact through the portal and complete the process from planning to appraisal electronically.
  • Employees can fill their timesheets, managers can review it and approve it on ESS.
  • Employees can always access their paystubs, request verification letters anytime, request travel expenses refund, attach their relocation receipts or fitness benefits receipts, etc.
  • Employees can view and apply to open jobs through ESS without having to go through the company‚Äôs career portal or any other job forum used by the company to advertise for their open positions.
  • Employees can also keep track of their training courses, their licenses, enroll in a training or a course, and track their onboarding activities, all through ESS.
  • Employees can also apply for a grievance request, for a recognition request, they can submit their resignation and keep track of their off boarding activities if any.
  • Managers can view and manage their team through ESS, review their leave requests, manage their performance, approve their timesheets, etc.
  • Managers can complete their manpower planning through ESS, apply for budgeted or unbudgeted staffing requests, and start new recruitment projects.
  • Companies can engage with their employees through surveys and questionnaires through ESS.

In a nutshell, Employee self-service is a very time saving and cost saving tool for both the organization and employees, that allows them to interact together from anywhere in the world and at any time.

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