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How organization culture affects employee performance

Are employees not performing to the best of their abilities? When hiring new employees, it’s important to remember that what is needed is more than just proper qualifications. Finding someone who shares the goals and values of the organization is crucial to increased employee performance. When the organization’s values are embodied within the employee, performance will increase.

Creating an environment to increase performance

In order to increase performance, senior executives need to embody their organizational mission and inspire employees to follow their lead. The best approach is for businesses to shift from a people-focused culture to a process-focused strategy. This entails creating a process that will help employees learn about the values of the corporation and incorporate these values into daily tasks. For example, every Friday top executives spend time with lower level employees and share experiences on how the company got started, and challenges that helped shape the organizational mission of the company. Doing so will give lower level employees a chance to see what their leader’s value, and the attitudes that shaped these values.

Increase collaboration among employees

Two heads are better than one, and three heads are better than two. Employee performance will increase when everyone works together, and are unafraid to ask for help from their colleagues. Be it from upper management or from a different department. The feeling of being part of a team should extend beyond just the department. The values of the organization need to be understood by everyone.

Increase employee retention/lower employee churn

Employees are less likely to abandon a company when they have a personal interest in the company. How do we get them interested? Honestly explain the company’s organizational mission. A clear, inspirational statement of what the association seeks to achieve in the marketplace. Doing so will help the employees understand what it is that business leaders want from them, and also help them align their goals with the mission of the organization When the employee’s and company’s goal are aligned the success will be a more personal experience. The employee should feel like they are part of something bigger than just their job.

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Increasing employee performance is no easy task, and requires honesty and patience. Upper management needs to create an environment that will increase performance by inspiring their employees to follow their lead and believe in the mission of the business. To do so, create a process that will enable employees to learn about what the organization values. Increasing collaboration among departments will bolster the culture of the company as well as increase employee retention rates. Employees will feel like they’re a part of something more once their jobs are aligned with company goals.

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