How to Improve the Construction Document Management Process Effectively

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How to Improve the Construction Document Management Process Effectively

Modern business management strategies boost the quality of work and productivity in construction. According to the trading-economics report, the U.S construction labor productivity has improved to an attractive margin. This is mainly due to the implementation of productive business management software in the construction industry.


U.S construction labor productivity
Document management is one of the many important processes in construction. Here is a blog post about how to improve the construction document management process effectively.

Construction documents are the key element in successful project planning and execution. Effective document management is crucial for contractors’ success. From building design documents to plans, project specifications, engineering drawings, contracts and compliance documents to purchase orders, billing papers and receipts – documentation plays a vital role in the construction project management.

Outdated manual documentation processes pose complicated business challenges to the building industry. Improper use of documentation can lead to project delays. These delays can have a significant impact on your business profits — and leave your clients unimpressed with your teams’ abilities to manage projects.

Challenges in the manual documentation procedures:

1. Issues in accessing the right document

2. Time-consuming process

3. Difficulty in tracking the flow of information

4. Confusion in the document handling process

5. Inaccurate documentation of engineering design and details

6. Possibility of human errors and major damages during construction

7. Paper documents may get lost or misplaced, especially in the field

8. Construction blueprints, paper drawings, and other documents can be difficult to move from one place to another place – and require their own space and protection from the elements in the field

9. When the manual documentation process is done for the entire team (on field & back office), printing cost soars to the maximum. This is even more complicated in the large-scale building sector.

How to improve the construction document management process effectively?

Digitalization is the solution for all the complicated issues in manual documentation procedures. Digital documents with the help of integrated technology can make wonders in your business. Technology has developed to the comfortable phase where building documents are made easily readable and portable through an electronic medium. The growth of internet media has created useful collaboration tools to view and share documents online. Real-time tools allow all team members to see every progress and work from remote locations.

With the help of the latest technologies, the engineers can easily draw out rough layouts or make modifications to the original designs, which paves the way to instantly view their dream projects. By centralizing all the documents in one platform (an integrated software solution), it is possible to organize and automate the huge volume of construction data easily.

Apart from storing and organizing construction documents, contractors need an ideal way to have quick access to the updated versions of documents at all times. A cloud-based construction ERP solution allows your team to access documents in the field, right from mobile devices, share them among team members, collect data, edit or create new document versions and update construction workflow in real time.

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