Know the behavior traits of your applicant and recruit the best fit candidate for the job

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Know the behavior traits of your applicant and recruit the best fit candidate for the job

Time and again, the candidate best fit for the job is decided by Human resources and the line Manager. Do they pick the right person? The culture of the company and the applicant’s personality plays a big role in employee retention and satisfaction at the job.  In 2020, in the world of AI, big data and Applicant Tracking systems have these decisions become better or do we still rely on the gut feel and experience of the HR department and sometimes the line manager? LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and social media in general helps the HR person to do some homework and gives some intelligence on the personality of the candidate. We need to have behavioral scoring of the candidate to find out his problem solving, integrity, honesty and work execution capabilities. There are batteries of psychological tests done by big companies, but they are generally not in the purview for smaller companies.

Let us look at some personality types we encounter in today’s interview room.  

1. The Anxious Type

This person is tense and nervous, you can tell from the sweaty wet handshake. He does not look you in the eye and has a fake smile when he gets into the room. He answers questions and stammers or repeats the answers.   

Anxious people always seem to be amped up on adrenaline. They are always on the edge and have a lot of nervous energy helps them do a lot of work. They often end up working late to complete tasks and are on high alert looking for danger. They are the ones who will burnout easily as they keep ticking tasks off. They are a good employee as long as you do not put them under more pressure than they are already in.

2. The Blamer Type

This person has no accountability for anything. Any failed work is not their fault and they could not help it at all. They are always competent and are always doing their best according to them. The circumstance and the company are to blame if something goes wrong. You should ask them what the best things of the previous company were, if they cannot name any, you should not recruit this person. He does not have any integrity and will blame you for any mistakes.

If you do hire this person, you will need to keep him on the straight and narrow. He can be recruited for repetitive mundane tasks. He should not be in the critical path of your business. His manager needs to be a very strong personality who can keep him focused on his work.

3. The Yes Man

This person is well prepared for the interview and has answers for all the questions. He has done extensive homework. He seems too perfect and too good. They can talk the talk very well, but can they walk the walk? You need to find this out or you will be spending your time and money in picking the wrong candidate. You will need to give them challenging questions, a salesperson for example can be asked to give an elevator pitch for one of your products or prospects. This will determine if they can walk the talk and you can then make your judgement on the candidate.

4. The Good Friend

This person is very friendly and gets into a good conversation with you. You have common interests and have a great conversation during the interview. You need to put yourself in check and evaluate if this person has the skills required to do the job. Does he finish his work, is he professional or is just friendly and can build good relationships? You will need a friendly person for a sales position. This person may be a good fit.

5. The Bragger

This person may take credit for everything and try to convince you that he is awesome. He may not even value the contribution by anyone else let alone his team. He may be good in a solitary role, but in today’s world collaboration and teamwork is what gets the job done. You need to show that you value self-awareness and team work more. You need to check if he will work hard and put in efforts to complete tasks.

6. The Okay person

This person may be just okay and did good on the interview. He did not impress you nor did he disappoint you. Most candidates are of this type. You need to check if the candidate has the skills you need for the job, look for problem solving skills, integrity, the right attitude and the ability to learn. If he has these, you can hire this candidate.

Our CEM Applicant tracking system can help you rate a candidate based on his behavioral traits. The HR manager and line manager can define these questions and rate him. You can have an inventory of skill analysis questions for the job and reuse them for every hire.

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