project management
Effective Ways to Improve Project Management
Project management requires a blend of skills and talents, not just anyone can manage projects. Big or small, they require
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How ERP Improves Business Productivity
Tools like ERP have revolutionized the business world, and are transforming how businesses are run. Learn how ERP improves productivity
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CEM’s IAMCP Partnership Award 2018
IAMCP stands for “International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners” and serves as the predominant global networking venue for Microsoft Partners.
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construction industry updates
Changes in the construction industry and what it means for leaders
2018 marks a time of major change in the construction industry. Growth that has been steady since 2008 is starting
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how to grow a small construction business
5 steps to ride the growth wave in construction
The construction industry is experiencing a huge wave of growth. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the addition of
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project resource allocation
How do we manage the lack of labor to deliver projects?
Project management consists of many different factors, one of which...
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recruitment strategy
With the world becoming more digital, recruiting requires a different strategy
Hiring has become a difficult job. The average time to fill vacant positions in a company have increased from 63
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construction jobs
Construction jobs remain unfilled – Why?
Labor in the construction industry remains a cause for concern....
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CEM’s AXUG 2017 takeaways
AXUG Conference Key Takeaways Once again, the annual AXUG conference...
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Implementing microsoft dynamics
Reduce Risk when Implementing Microsoft Dynamics
Risk is part of living, whether we’re doing business or...
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