Recruiting is a team sport in the Digital Age

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Recruiting is a team sport in the Digital Age

Recruiting and retaining talents are the biggest challenges in today’s digital age. The competition is high in the job marketplace, making talent more and more scarce.

With all the business models changes and the workforce trends changes, recruiters can no longer perform on their own. They need a whole team to support them in order to achieve their roles successfully.

Positions are taking longer to fill, and according to Gartner, the average of an open position to be filled is 70 days. The cost of having an open position for 70 days -especially if it is a strategic position- Â is way more expensive for companies to bear, than to actually invest in their recruitment team, to ensure these positions get filled faster and with the right people.

Just like in sports teams, star players cannot win on their own, but instead they need a whole team to support them.

In the digital recruiting age, recruiters are becoming the star players, responsible of providing the company’s most important asset- its talent. but in order for these star employees to achieve, they need a team of players to support them so they can focus on more strategic tasks.

Recruitment nowadays has to be combined with other roles and tools, such as technology, marketing, branding, data analysis, psychological analysis, cultural analysis, screening, etc.

Recruiters no longer place a job ad and get hundreds of applications. Applicants are adopting the same behavior as consumers, where they look up the company, reviews, etc., making “how” the job is advertised, and “what” is the company’s reputation a very important factor in deciding whether or not to apply, making marketing essential in attracting the right talent.

In addition to the importance of marketing, data analysis and market trends are very important for recruiters to have, to make informed decisions. It is important for companies to offer the right salaries and the right packages for their advertised positions.

Also, being able to identify whether the candidate fits in the organizational’ s culture or not is crucial, as hiring the wrong talent can be very costly to the company.

Having to do all these tasks can be overwhelming for recruiters, therefore companies nowadays are adding new roles to their recruitment team, to allow the “star” recruiters to focus more on strategic tasks, and talent advisory roles, and for the rest of the team to provide them with the right information and tools to score.

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