Why do you need a daily log for a construction project?

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Why do you need a daily log for a construction project?

You need a tool or a software to manage all your daily records on the project site. The Supervisor or project manager needs to log all his activities on a project site. This includes timesheets, deliveries of materials and inspections, subcontractors and more.

Why do we need to do that?

  1. To maintain a detailed record of the daily activities and events.
  2. To keep all your job records and transactions in one place.
  3. To be able to pull out any records if there are any legal issues or litigation.
  4. To keep all the records for at least 5 years if there is an audit of any kind.

Constructions sites are very busy places, there are a lot of people onsite, there are huge equipment that are used and safety procedures to be followed. There are a number of details to be kept and documented. The project manager or foreman cannot keep control of work performed and delays if the daily log of the activities is not maintained. Daily reports can keep everyone including all the stakeholders updated of the progress. The devil is in the details. There can be risk mitigation and interventions can be done if things go out of control. Daily logs can help reduce the project disputes and make the field productive. The office can also connect with the field and know what is happening through the daily reports. Communication is enhanced and the project can be delivered smoothly.

Paper daily logs and logbooks are becoming obsolete as digital logs are taking over in today’s world.

The digital daily logs have a lot of advantages as the logs can be updated and approved. You can take pictures of the materials and job sites and attach them to the daily logs for reference at a future date.These pictures speak a thousand words compared to notes written by the project manager or foreman onsite. You can easily enter and update the data on site using tablets or phones. The users have the security access to the screens and data assigned to them. Workflows can be configured so that the transactions can be approved before being sent as a report to the client or the Construction managers. Weather reports and delays can be reported on the daily log.

The scenarios and situations documented on daily logs can be valuable for future projects. There can be a lot of learning as every project will have numerous of these experiences during actual execution of the project. These learnings can be revisited and standardized for use in future projects. There can be templates and process that can be improved leading to the growth of the construction business.

There are a lot of people who move from project to project as the construction industry is very volatile. Resources and engineers will move from a project or get promoted on construction sites. Many construction projects are large ones and span over a few years. The daily logs can be a good reference for someone coming into the project or being transferred into the project. Pictures can also be valuable and help the resources with a lot of visual information on the projects.

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