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Total IT Outsourcing

CEM’s outsourcing service is designed to assist businesses like you who are looking to obtain help from outside sources, without the months of boring information search

We will help you with your HR, payroll, technical and finance related fields

ERP Implementation

Are you interested on increasing your productivity? An ERP implementation may be the solution you need

The challenges of managing projects, finances, resources and payroll will be easier than ever

ERP Upgrade

Are you worried about the pain involved on upgrading? CEM’s upgrade service will make the transition as painless

As possible with no downtime and no disruption to your business operations

Cloud Migration

Don’t turn your back on the emerging technology! Moving your business processes and paper work to the Cloud may be the best way to grow & improve your business

Our Migration service is now available, scalable and reliable

Project Management

Having trouble keeping your projects within budget?

Remember, there are many ways a project can be controlled and completed. But without a systematic approach to achieving objectives the project will fail


Are you worried about not having a partner available when you need them? We understand how costly it can be for businesses to have downtime

Our team is available for 24/7 support

Looking for a first-class business solution?