CEM PayrollWhether you are in the public sector or private industry,
CEM's certified payroll software is the right solution for you!


Certified Payroll Software

Have projects that are publically funded? Use CEM’s certified payroll software to help with these tedious calculations. Available on Microsoft Dynamics AX, D365, and Talent, our certified payroll processing module will ease the pains of calculating and distributing the prevailing wages (Davis-Bacon wage) for your workers. Enjoy the benefits of maintaining all employee details in a single unified cloud database, including total work hours, prevailing wage bonuses, and employee fringe benefits.

With CEM’s prevailing wage software, adhering to the certified payroll requirements of your state is as easy as a mouse click. Simply tell the software which state your operating out of, and the state requirements for the certified payroll report will become automated for your convenience.

Ditch the manual process of filling out a WH-347, and automate the process instead. Our module is easy to deploy, user friendly, easily scalable, and quick to implement. Streamline the payroll process of your business, with CEM’s certified payroll system / Davis bacon software module!

About the Davis Bacon act

Certified payroll reports are required for publically funded work projects, and require the contractor to pay a prevailing wage or a Davis-Bacon wage for the workers employed on that publically funded project. This is because during the great depression, local workers complained of cheap labor taking their jobs. In response, Davis Bacon created the Davis bacon act, and ensured that local workers wouldn’t be put out of work by illegal competition.


Control earnings on a project by project basis


Automatically calculate taxes by project location

liability- Insurance

Supports General Liability Insurance


Supports various types of earnings controlled by trade code


Supports Worker Compensation


Mass earnings entry functionality


Project cost distribution


Various custom reports including the WH-347


Automated prevailing wage (David-Bacon wage) calculations


All employee pay details in one single database