Certified Payroll

A comprehensive and easy software to simplify your prevailing wage payroll processing

Don’t let the hassle of payroll calculations slow down your payroll process. Set them up once and let the software do the calculations each payroll run. Maintain all your employees’ details and working hours on a single database to accurately calculate and comply with the certified payroll requirements of your state and project. Certified Payroll has a seamless integration to for timesheets and each project for an easy payroll run.

Your Pain Points

  • Tracking certified employees’ salaries can be challenging
  • Certified Payroll reporting is required for publicly-funded projects and requires the contractor to pay Davis-Bacon wage for the workers employed on these projects
  • Functionalities for Certified Payroll is generally hard to find in ERP Software
  • Many software packages do not have the reports you need on Certified Payroll
Davis Bacon Certified Payroll


CEM’s Certified Payroll automation system keeps track of total hours worked, prevailing wage bonuses and employee fringe benefits

Automatically generates reports to keep you compliant

CEM Certified Payroll solutions adhere to the requirements of your state

Automated prevailing wage calculations saves you time

You can access all employee-payroll details in a single database

Easy to calculate different types of payroll at once

Certified Payroll Features: Your Benefits.

Automatically calculate overtime and double-time for exempt and non-exempt employees based on configurable rules in the system

Integrates with any time and attendance software used to pay hourly and salaried employees

Helps automate overtime and holiday calculations in Dynamics 365

Integrates time and attendance with payroll

Calculates tax by project location

Streamlines prevailingwage (Davis-Bacon) setups, calculations and reports for payroll

Control earnings on a project-by-project basis

Easy report-generation for cost distribution by project

Posts general liability costs to projects calculation and reporting

Posts worker compensation costs to projects

Various custom reports including the WH-347

Payroll earnings are pulled by project from timesheets

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