CEM HR Employees are the core of any organization.


Claim management

Employees may spend some amount for office purpose which can later be incurred as form of claim with a specific document as an attachment for the amount to be processed. This can be done through claims.
The employees have to raise a request and attach the required document which will go on an approval process and will be paid with the salary of that month.

Process request in coordination with Finance:

If request is approved, the claim is processed and Finance department is informed for the payment.

Claim application:

An employee applies to claim ticket expenses for business trip through the self-service portal. Scan copies of the bills can be attached, and bill amounts need to be added as well in the form.

Submit for approval:

HR validates the request and checks for the eligibility. If multiple claims exist in one application, the approver can select the particular claim they want to approve. The users require entering the reason mandatorily if the approved amount is less than the requested/claimed amount.

Claims Payment:

Claims are paid through the salary payroll or separate payroll. Separate payroll would be captured in a payroll journal. Separate Payroll means claims are paid outside the payroll cycle. These claims have to be either paid directly to school or to the employee

Update application:

If HR rejects the claim, the employee will update the application and resubmit for approval.

Employee Dimension:

Employee dimension can be entered and maintained against an employee and will be used for integration with Finance.