Concrete management

Concrete purchase and concrete performance management in one place

In large heavy construction jobs, there is a lot of concrete to be laid. You can be ensured that you will never need to pause your project due to insufficient resources with our Concrete Management tool. Our solution enables you to create, view and control the primary factors of concrete management that include vendor trade agreements, concrete performance including cement content, water content, maximum aggregate size, slump, air content and admixtures. Purchasing activities like creation & posting of purchase orders and entering & posting payment certificate transactions is very easy in our software.

Your Pain Points

  • Challenges managing trade agreements for concrete purchase
  • Cannot prepare purchase orders based on agreements
  • Concrete performance terms are not known to the vendor
  • No process to certify concrete receipts before payment processing
  • Delays in periodic payment processing for vendors
Concrete Management Solutions
Concrete Management ERP Values and Features


Create and maintain concrete items master with the admixtures and optional items

Manage your trade agreements with the vendors

Process Purchase Orders based on trade agreements

Confirm quantity and quality of concrete purchased

Automated journal creation becomes effortless in concrete management software

Use simple inquiry forms

Enjoy informed-decision making and gain better output using our inquiries and reporting solution

Concrete Management Features: Your Benefits.

Customized inquiry forms

Concrete Items master for heavy construction including optional items

Well-defined procurement process with hierarchical workflows

Effective maintenance of trade agreements, invoices and payments in one system

Concrete Purchase Order certification with items received

Payment certification feature for certification of concrete purchased

Role-based security features

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