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Construction Automation Solution is a one-stop shop for all your construction, accounting and project management needs. Are you using different software for estimation, bid management, transmittals and submittal? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ERP software that can bring all these processes into one integrated system. Using our construction industry expertise, we created a construction automation solution with everything you need. We have you covered from subcontracting, job costing, project management to all your accounting needs. We use Power BI to give you insights into your jobs using reports and dashboards.

Your Pain Points

  • Difficulty managing multiple projects across different locations
  • Unable to compare the RFQs received from vendors before making a purchase
  • Exhausted managing the inventory across transfers, adjustments and variable costs
  • Verifying scope and change orders before paying subcontractors
  • Managing your construction equipment and their project times
  • Managing resources in camps at remote sites
  • Finding it difficult to manage scaffolding operations
Construction Automation Management Software

Construction Automation Features: Your Benefits.

Advanced Project Management

Building automation system that easily tracks project budgets, cost journals, project invoices, change orders and contract trend notices.

PMV / Tools Management

Purchase/rent project equipment, assign equipment to projects, assign transfer price, run periodic time logs for equipment usage, receive notificationsfor repair and maintenance alerts and post equipment usage cost/rentals to projects.

Advanced Inventory Management

Control all aspects of purchase orders & adjustments for your project inventory.

Temporary Worker Housing Management

Simplify your temporary worker housing management process using features like housing masters, food and accommodation agreements, check-in & check-out, daily logs, cost booking and payment certification process.

Subcontractor Management

Completely manage all subcontractor transactions including scope, purchase order, invoicing and posting.


Manage your scaffolding with ease using our scaffolding management solution.

Concrete Management

Procure concrete using blanket purchase orders and track multiple deliveries to your project sites. The vendor invoices can be automatically matched by the system to the delivery and purchase orders before they are paid to the vendor.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improve your construction business with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the financial accounting software for your business. You can manage all your sales, purchase, inventory, project and financial transactions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

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