CEM ConstructThe construction industry is constantly and rapidly evolving. An adept construction management strategy is the key to the successful completion of a construction project.


Construction Camp Management Solutions

Without the proper dedicated software, project business can suffer huge losses. Managing your on-site or field teams is no exception. CEM’s Camp management software can make it easier to organize bookings, registrations, manage routine activities, track payments and streamline operations.
Our software keeps track of people and resources available in the construction site camps. This feature provides a great insight to the businesses for efficient on-site operations. It is also possible to share the insight information with the clients in real time.
CEM provides efficient ERP system for the construction industry. With our enterprise resource planning software, it is possible to manage all the onsite camp-based works accurately and effectively.

Features of construction camp management software:

  • Streamline the registration process
  • Booking facility management
  • Effective maintenance of camp facilities
  • Payment processing
  • Accounting
  • Keeping track of records
  • Marketing