Construction ERP Software for construction management.

Architectural, engineering & construction management is a complicated enterprise. From the bidding process all the way to handing over of the project, several complications can arise. Proper management of finances, inventory, workforce, and contracts must be done efficiently to reduce these complications. CEM’s AX Construct offers a comprehensive solution that effectively executes all activities and risk mitigation. CEM’s AEC software offers a transparent, flexible, user friendly and efficient solution to your construction needs.


Advanced project management

If you wish to stay competitive and improve your business, invest in project management tools for construction with CEM.



Our scaffolding software can be configured to your requirements and the skills of your personnel. It is designed to suit both contractors and scaffolding hire companies.

Advanced Inventory Management

Effectively manage inventory and ensure profitability by knowing all your project materials are being used to their fullest.

Camp management

Construction camp management solutions makes it easier to organize bookings, registrations, manage routine activities, and more.



With the subcontract management tools, you can ensure that third party contractors are utilized to their full extent.


Large projects come with large assets. Manage these assets down to the last detail with our plant, machinery, and vehicle management tools.


ERP implementation

ERP Upgrade & migration

Project management

Cloud Migration


Manpower resourcing

HR automation

Product selection


Manpower resourcing

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