Daily Log

A mobile construction manager “assistant” that tracks every detail

CEM’s Daily Log is a construction management software that helps project managers plan and track all the daily activities on the job site. Our mobile app allows you to deliver quality work on schedule by assisting in the time-consuming tasks, like keeping individual timesheets and crew timesheets, tracking equipment & material, filing incident reports and conducting inspections. The Daily Log can be integrated with any software including Microsoft Dynamics. It is a powerful construction tool to handle all your job site needs – from the first nail to the ribbon cutting.

Your Pain Points

  • Difficulty tracking daily activities on the job site
  • No integration with other software
  • Transferring paper documents into record-keeping system is time-consuming
  • Outdated technology doesn’t match your professional standards and reputation
  • Poorly managing equipment and materials
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Project manager can efficiently track all the activities on a job site

Project manager has real-time insight on a project

A mobile daily log software that can be used on any device at any time

Friendly mobile user interface for a simple user experience

Integration with any software including Microsoft Dynamics

Daily Log Features: Your Benefits.

Worksite maps (Static and Dynamic Google Map)


Configurable role and MSAL Authentication, a single sign-in

Scalable Common Realtime DB (CDS) easy to maintain and connect to any system

View workers on site

Track workers' daily activities

Record crew’s hours electronically

Record equipment being used or delivered

Record material being used or delivered

Track subcontractors’ tasks and time

Document any accident or injuries, including treatments

Record any visitors

Record and track daily weather forecast

Enter any inspections

Attach any supporting images of transmittals & submittals

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