Oil & Gas The industry involves intricate moving parts, exploration, extraction, refining, transportation & marketing.

CEM’s Gas and Oil service offers a scalable ERP tool to effectively manage projects. Our product provides a seamless integration of financial, accounting, resource planning, operations and system management modules. Our unified product integrates all of these activities into one easy to use module reducing chances of error and increases ROI.



A set of advanced financial modules which are required to plan, budget and control the oil & gas industry effectively.


Custom-made accounting modules help to upstream to achieve greater value from increasingly complex assets. Our solutions are tailored to your company’s size, location, and business requirements

Business operations

Enables oil and gas companies to carry out their exploration and production operations in the most cost-efficient way to maximize profitability.

System management

The new age of oil and gas requires smart technology and sustainable solutions to manage the entire system efficiently.

Resource planning

Drive revenue, identify the investment opportunities and maintain your competitive edge with our enterprise resource planning module.


ERP implementation

ERP Upgrade & migration

Project management

Cloud Migration


Manpower resourcing

HR automation

Product selection


Manpower resourcing

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