CEM HR Putting the human back in HR.


HR Recruitment Software

CEM Recruitment Module offers a range of features that simplify the hiring process. Create and post job openings, manage candidates, collaborate with colleagues to make informed decisions – all in one place. Hire the best candidates in the fastest time possible with CEM HR!

  • Connectivity with external job portals and social sites
  • Both business/HR divisions can initiate recruitment process
  • Visibility of recruitment process at all stages
  • Tight integration with Finance and other modules
  • Hiring request can be done from anywhere, even on the project site using ESS/MSS
  • Schedule interviews and monitor the progress through interview stages
  • Enhanced status tracking of applicants
  • Customized offer letter with data automatically derived from previous processes
  • Upon hiring, applicant data is converted into employee data in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Organizations can set the rating and filtering criteria
  • You can filter to see only the top 3 or 5 hot matches for the job
  • Applicants can attach any number of attachments and reference documents other than the resume itself
  • EEO/OFCCP and other regulatory reports
  • Automated and simplified workflow driven process
  • Hot match will search your applicant database and suggest the best candidate even if they haven’t applied to that job.
  • Hiring managers can post their requirements for the job
  • Automated communication with all users