A fast track to the future

Internship is a Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Talent HR, CEM HR & Payroll Training Program:

  • NO-COST for training
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Located at CEM Headquarters at 50 Chestnut Ridge Road, Suite 103, Montvale, NJ
  • Taught by Certified Microsoft Instructors & Business Professionals

Internship is a program ideal for re-emerging business professionals and students looking for practical work experience.

Benefits include:

  • Learning employable skills
  • Working on Client Projects with experienced professionals
  • Preparation for Microsoft Certifications

Job Opportunities

Full time

Functional ERP consultant

Starting at $60,000 / yr 1
Going upto $125,000 / yr 3

Full time

Technical ERP consultant

Starting at $45,000 / yr 1
Going upto 95,000 / yr 3



Many businesses have disjointed systems across their infrastructure including HR, Accounting and Purchasing.  ERP Software brings all organizational processes together so they can collaborate and work as one fluid system.

  • ERP Professionals are in high demand, well paid and respected with in all industries.
  • Enjoy Flex time, Bring your own devices (BYOD) and Work from Home (WFH) Benefits
  • Get training directly from ERP professional and learn with direct client experience
  • ERP positions are plentiful here at CEMBS as well as throughout the industry

Training plan

The CEMBS training plan has two components.

  1. You will learn the basic ERP CONCEPTS to give you the baseline foundation needed to work in the field
  2. Real world Client EXPERIENCE will fine tune your skills and better apply them for future job opportunities.

Upon Completion of the Training program CEMBS will have the opportunity to hire you.  If openings don’t exist, you will be able to find other opportunities elsewhere.

Digital transformation


Our focus areas


Product based training on D365 / Talent / CEM HR & Payroll
 Practical business experience

Hands on experience
Executive level communications
 Lessons from experienced professionals


Additional Opportunities:
Marketing Research and Writing
 Sales Analysis and Support
 Business Analysis
 Product Management


Fast TrackRegular
Timing9 – 611 – 4
Concept training10 hours / week5 hours / week
Practice10 hours / week5 hours / week
Projects10 hours / week5 hours / week
General work10 hours / week10 hours / week
Duration24 weeks40 weeks
Lunch break1 Hour1 Hour

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