Why throw money on payroll services when you can do it in a cost effective way with Microsoft Azure.

Does running the Payroll process have you bogged down? Are you worried about where your tax engine updates will be coming from after October 2021?

Do you have your W2 processing and 940 and 941 reports in hand from your payroll software? These are all legitimate parts of the payroll process that may have you rolling your eyes just by merely being mentioned.

CEM payroll can ease your worries and your payroll process. CEM will become your new tax engine and keep your payroll system up to date with all the latest tax updates after October 2021 when Microsoft deprecates this feature. CEM advanced payroll will automatically calculate all your complex overtime and double time formulas as well as automate your gross up calculations. The leave management module will integrate PTO, vacation and other various leave types into your payroll. The robust reporting will take care of all your W2 processing along with the 940 and 941 reports. Off-cycle Payroll runs and bonus uploads will become a walk in the park. The time and attendance mobile app will capture clock in and clock out time and bring that into the payroll software.


CEM also offers Certified, Union, 9/80 and Global payroll options as part of the payroll automation software.

standed payroll

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