Microsoft Dynamics CRM All of CEM’s products and services are built off of Microsoft CRM products. Are you looking to use CRM? See some of the benefits below!


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Focused on enhancing the customer relationship of any business organization that deals with sales, marketing and customer service. In recent years, MS Dynamics CRM has grown as an analytics platform driven by CRM.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to improve the productivity of sales and marketing effectiveness for any organization. It provides end-to-end support for all types of mobile devices and tablets.


  • Easily manage business contacts, sales, marketing, support and more all in one platform
  • Enhanced data visualization with dashboards and charts
  • Work-flow automation
  • Create new database-powered applications from the information already available in your CRM portfolio
  • Quick generation of reports
  • iOS, Android, Windows and Web apps support


Thorough connectivity in business operations
Improve productivity of sales and marketing
Improvement of customer service
Actionable insights to help drive faster and better business decisions
Flexible deployment & scalability

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