Microsoft Dynamics Talent All of CEM’s products and services are built of Microsoft Dynamics ERP products. Are you looking to use Dynamics? See some of the benefits below!


When your employees succeed, you succeed. Bring your human capital management to the cloud for a mobile, employee-focused, strategic HR approach that helps you find, hire the right people, and receive sustainable results. Talent is putting people at the center of digital transformation by innovating the employee journey—one experience at a time. Starting with the tools needed to align to business objectives, streamline HR processes and build impactful programs. Followed by the addition of recruiting and onboarding talent experiences that help you hire the right people and accelerate their time to impact.


Hire the right people: Build accurate candidate profiles, conduct collaborative interviews, and improve the ROI of your hiring process.

Set employees up for success: Enable a seamless onboarding experience that accelerates the productivity and business impact of new hires.

Drive operational excellence: streamline human resource management and offer cost-effective programs that maximize retention.