Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions for a mobile world

Complete your task, anytime, anywhere with our mobile solutions. Our mobile solutions will dramatically improve customer interactions and allow workers on the move to get more done in less time. You can connect to our apps easily and securely outside the organization’s firewall with any ERP. The platform uses cloud and ERP web services framework for communicating between apps on mobile devices and ERP.

Your Pain Points

  • Cannot access data from different locations
  • Lack of integration and co-ordination
  • Still using outdated technology with zero flexibility
  • No track of employees who are on different sites
  • Employees cannot access any of their information
mobile apps

Mobile solutions Features. Your Benefits.

Cloud environment storage

Application security for enterprise mobile solutions

Improved communication

Ability to communicate and deliver your message from one point to the next

Real-time remote access

Accurate data capturing facility and Global project management

Mobile devices with enterprise mobility management solutions

Enhanced quality of service

Mobile API

Take advantage over your competitors with enterprise mobility management


Improvement in productivity & workflow management

Operation management with mobile ERP solutions

Manage your operations virtually, anywhere in the world at any time

Time Entry

Time entry with approval capabilities. Track employees in office and in job sites

Employee Management

Employee Profile, Pay Slip, Attendance Details, Salary Components

Leave management

New Leave request, My Leave History, Approve/Reject, Leave Availability

HR Management

General Request, Training Request, Resignation Request, Grievance Request, Expense claim Request, Surveyents

Procurement and Sourcing

All purchase orders, Purchase order approvals

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