Automate all aspects of your offboarding process

An automated off-boarding system is essential to smoothly off-board any employee. CEM’s automated offboarding software helps companies use a uniform process of off-boarding based on company policies. Easily monitor all your offboarding tasks through the off-boarding dashboards and task list, while improving your employee satisfaction using feedback from exit interviews.

Your Pain Points

  • Terminated employee still has access to company facilities
  • Communication gaps during off-boarding
  • Tough to maintain terminated employees who are collecting wages or benefits after the date of leaving the company
  • It is difficult to track the offboarding paperwork like non-disclosures performance evaluations, disciplinary action forms, attendance sheets etc.
  • Not having employee’s paperwork in one place in a software
  • Manual paperwork is grueling and never ending
  • Your payroll system is not integrated with your off-boarding module


An offboarding process that doesn’t affect project flow

Clear team communication for team to continue work without trouble

Ready off-boarding checklists based on business requirements

Easy responsibility assignment in cases HR person is not in office

Receive constant notifications sent until the completion of all off-boarding tasks

Offboarding software will send alerts if tasks are incomplete beyond the due date

Easy procedures for exit interviews and exit formalities

Off-boarding Features. Your Benefits.

Automated notifications until all off-boarding tasks are completed

Alerts on incomplete tasks

Configurable templates for off-boarding tasks

Assign tasks to the right people in your organization

Dashboards to monitor tasks until completion

Integration to Payroll

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