Onboarding software Employee to understand about the organizational structure easily.


CEM’s Onboarding software is a website portal that serves as a platform to enlighten newly hired employees about the workplace and makes training easy for the HR Recruiter. This allows the HR department to learn about newly hired employees, and facilitates a new employee to understand about the organizational structure of the organization.

Features of CEM’s onboarding software

  • Newly hired employee details and job set up
  • Organizational user / onboarding staff’s work flow for the onboarding process
  • Onboarding tasks and status
  • Onboarding activity management
  • Data capture and data import
  • Completion of the onboarding

Benefits of this software:

  • Allows newly hired employees to get educated and learn about the organization.
  • Organizational users have the ability to give newly hired employees an orientation about the organization with onboarding tasks.
  • Easily send out invitations to newly hired employees to begin the onboarding process.
  • Newly hired employees receive tasks that are to be completed as a part of onboarding training process.
  • The onboarding staff is assigned various tasks once the onboarding is initiated. Staff will be responsible for onboarding tasks pertaining to new employees
  • Onboarding staff decides when the newly hired employee can complete the onboarding process.
  • Onboarding tasks can be completed simultaneously by old and new employees.

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