Get control over your Onboarding process and give new hires and managers an easy first day

CEM’s Onboarding software puts your new hire on the right track by bringing them into the company’s culture and ensuring efficiency and productivity from day one. This paperless system helps both the business manager and the HR department integrate a new employee or group of employees seamlessly into the organization. All the applicants’ information will be rolled into a new employee record preventing HR from having to fill out numerous fields and pages.

Your Pain Points

  • Not being able to communicate effectively with new hires
  • No control over onboarding paperwork and employment verification forms
  • Difficulty staying compliant
  • Missing steps in the onboarding process that can delay productivity
  • Delayed new hire training
  • Troubles incorporating new hires with existing employees
  • Lack of integrating employees leads to attrition
  • Difficulty handling all the paperwork, training and work assignment from day one
Employee Onboarding Process
Employee Onboarding Software Values and Features


Onboarding plans for new hires

Allows you to receive and exchange vital information with the new hire

All onboarding forms and training materials in one place

Easily manage, track and add any tasks or forms to your workflow

Set deadlines, goal dates, assign managers and introduce the new team members

Helps your employees build connections, prepare and train

Easily convert an applicant to an employee

Easy to track onboarding activities to ensure everything from ID cards to computer setups are ready from day one

Onboarding Features. Your Benefits.

The system incorporates I-9, W-4, and direct deposit forms, training manuals and videos

Customized workflows to prepare and train employees

Automated workflows with our onboarding program

Our user interface adapts to the look and feel of your website

Onboarding tasks on a single dashboard

Notifications and updates on onboarding process for new employees

Task management includes setting deadlines, goal dates, assigning managers and introducing new team members

Time efficient & user-friendly interface

Easily manage, track and add any tasks or forms to your workflow

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