Overview CEM has designed an array of ways to help companies achieve a competitive edge in their respective industry.

We’ve used our 16+ years of experience to create optimized HR software that will seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. We offer payroll, project management, finance, an applicant tracking system, and both on-boarding and off-boarding software.

Implementing new software is a complicated process, let us use our experience to help you get up and running in a reasonable time. We offer services to implement, upgrade and migrate ERP software. As well as consultation and support on project management, cloud migration, manpower optimization, and more.

At CEM we strive to give the best possible solutions to your industry needs. Contact us for more information!

Our key values and strengths:

  • Deep and broad expertise with several ERP systems
  • Group of consultants prepared to work on-site with your team
  • Consulting team with strong business, operational and technology backgrounds
  • Focused on achieving measurable results and a positive ROI

Our provided services:

  • ERP Implementation
  • ERP Upgrade & migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Project Management
  • Support
  • Manpower
  • HR automation
  • Product Selection
  • Outsourcing
  • ERP optimization

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

All CEM’s products are CfMD certified.Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) is Microsoft’s highest standard for partner-developed software. This qualification is only given after passing rigorous software testing by Microsoft. Solutions that are certified for Microsoft Dynamics have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics.


  • Developed by a certified and reputable Independent Software Vendor
  • Designed for a unique business and industry need
  • Tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Used and recommended by other companies
  • Low-risk, fast to implement and simple to maintain
  • Properly supported and protected
  • Meets industry-specific requirements, local language and government regulations

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