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Payroll Software

Payroll is a complex process which requires expertise in various areas including the HR, Finance, and Project modules. With over 10 years of experience, we have developed CEM Payroll for Dynamics ERP, to make this process easy and user friendly. Whether you are in the public sector or private industry, CEM Payroll is the right solution for you!

Benefits of Payroll Software

CEM Payroll seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, using the same source code standards. The product is indistinguishable from standard Dynamic ERP.

Dynamics payroll out of box has a lot of innate gaps. CEM Payroll makes the ERP solution 100% fully usable by filling all the gaps in the out of box module

CEM Payroll creates a single software solution for finance and payroll. Users don’t have to connect to various applications to run payroll. This results in less human errors and a more accurate payroll

CEM Payroll eliminates the need for payroll outsourcing. All your HR and payroll data is secure and confidential as it is in house, in the cloud, and under your control

CEM Payroll has the specialized Union Payroll and Certified Payroll modules

CEM Payroll integrates with the HR to track and pay various types of leave and expense

CEM Payroll posts into the GL, projects and AP of Dynamics