CEM PayrollWhether you are in the public sector or private industry,
CEM Payroll is the right solution for you!


Payroll Timesheet Software & 9/80 Salary Management System

Use the 9/80 (shift) payroll module to define custom schedules for your workers and automate your payroll. This module will automatically calculate the straight time and over time per the employee’s shifts, eliminating the time and errors manual calculation would cause.

Major features of CEM 9/80 Payroll include:

Create multiple 9/80 calendars with different shift schedules

Flexible selection for the Short day and long 9 hour days

Split short days into 4 hour portions

Automatically calculates weekly/daily overtime for exempt and non-exempt employees

Timesheet and payroll reconciliation reports

Mass earnings entry functionality

Employee can view his timesheet summary for the week with hours worked, approved PTO and vacation time

Generate payroll for 9/80 and 8 hour work schedules simultaneously in the same entity