Performance Management

Let the system give you the accountability, documentation and employee rating for great performance reviews

CEM’s Performance Management Add-on allows employees and their respective managers to set goals, review those goals and if necessary, edit them to ensure they are constantly aligned with the job and the organizational goals. Performance management systems need to be accurate, fair and improve performance, with CEM’s Performance Management you can set weighted goals to fairly access your team based on their skills and capabilities.

Your Pain Points

  • Cannot configure appraisal and planning periods
  • Your employees and managers don’t have a system to review with custom rating and weighted goals
  • Deviations or variations from your organizational goals
  • No comparative reports across the same positions or titles in a department
  • Difficult to keeping your employees’ performances aligned with the performance goals of the organization
  • Your current performance reviews do not improve your team’s performance
  • Your performance reviews are not fair and accurate
  • It is challenging to provide feedback after every review
Performance Management Process and System
Employee Performance Software Values and Features


Constant feedback to improve performance

Accurate assessment by the performance system

Self Service Portal for employees and mangers

Individual development plans

Increased employee satisfaction

Individual development plans

Identify talent and empower leaders

Totally automated performance processes

Flexible evaluation periods: monthly, quarterly, annually…

Alerts and e-mail reminders at every stage of the performance evaluation

Improved employer to employee relationship

Set goals: individual & collective goals based on organizational objectives

Performance Management Features. Your Benefits.

Self Service Portal

Custom evaluation periods

Totally automated performance processes

Alerts and e-mail reminders

Performance review and employee comparison reports

Custom rating and weighting system

Configurable appraisal and planning periods

View performance, track appraisal reviews and history through a single dashboard

View and analyse deviation or variations from your organizational goals

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