Construction Equipment Management

Manage your vehicles, machinery and equipment’s across all your construction projects including their time spent on the projects and their maintenance using our construction equipment management

Large projects come with large assets. You use them and move them between projects. You need to maintain them using preventive maintenance and track the time they are used on projects. The costs and expenses of these assets need to be posted into the projects that they are used. You need to run reports to see which assets are still profitable to your company. Your decisions on their disposal are based on these costs and expenses including depreciation expenses borne on these assets. You can also manage your rental equipment’s in a similar way. Our Construction Equipment Management Software helps you manage all these and more.

Your Pain Points

  • Equipment costs are not posted into the project costs
  • Lack of equipment purchase, rental and transfer history documentation
  • Rental equipment’s are not tracked well
  • Costs of equipment rentals are never posted into the projects that they are used
  • It is impossible to track the hours used on rental equipments to the vendor invoices
  • No alerts for equipment maintenance due dates
  • Tough to handle equipment servicing and down time
Construction Equipment Management Software
PMV Construction Tool Inventory Management


Handle equipment requirement for projects using requisitions

Greater control on equipment usage and equipment allocation

Match the equipment hours used to the vendor invoices using payment certification

Simplify transfer price calculations

Run time logs on a periodic basis to track equipment usage hours

Compute usage cost of owned equipment using our cost booking feature

Compute equipment rental charges using our certification feature

Manage usage cost of rental and owned equipment

Make informed decisions for enhanced project outcomes using our construction equipment management software

Construction Equipment Management Features. Your Benefits.

Equipment Master for rented and owned equipment’s

Purchase decision feature for executing purchase or hire orders

Equipment tracking options based on in-use / idle / surplus status

Transfer price calculator can be used to calculate the transfer price for posting into projects

Daily log computation for equipment usage

Cost booking feature for owned equipment

Payment certification feature for rented equipment

Structured inquiries for available equipment, usage status, project assignments etc.

Integration of equipment’s used with fixed assets module

Equipment transfer history

Storage and tracking equipment related documentation

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