Managing the purchase and hire of scaffolding items has never been easier

Construction companies use various bulk scaffolding materials to accommodate their project needs. Managing the receipt and return of hired scaffolding can be cumbersome. CEM’s Scaffolding solution helps with procuring/hiring of materials, material receipts and assigning to projects, tracking surplus and a lot more. The payment certification of vendor invoices with the actual rented and returned material saves costs of reconciliation time.

Your Pain Points

  • Tracking the purchasing and hiring of scaffolding materials
  • Managing trade agreements
  • Tracking availability of surplus scaffolding materials
  • Vendor invoice reconciliation
  • Tracking the receipt and return of scaffolding materials
Scaffolding Management Software services
Scaffolding Management ERP Values and Features


Manage purchase and hiring of scaffolding materials

Flexible and controlled receipt management

Maintain scaffolding surplus register in our scaffolding management software

Better utilization of internal materials with the help of scaffolding materials management

Payment certification of vendor invoices

Process purchase and hire orders based on requisitions

Mange trade agreements for purchase, hire and discounts

Scaffolding Features: Your Benefits.

Capturing scaffolding hire-changes

Scaffolding items Master

Trade agreement management

Scaffolding purchase requisition

Scaffolding Purchase Order

Scaffolding Hire Order

Cost booking feature for your scaffolding

Payment certification feature for hired scaffoldings

Workflows and approvals

Role-based security features

Scaffoldings transactions inquiries

Project report generation for decision making

Native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, Power BI

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