Subcontract Management

Transparent subcontracting

Streamline all activities and process with subcontractors for an easier, well-communicated, more efficient process. Manage the terms and conditions and schedules with subcontractors using our software. Subcontractors can also use the software to log their activities. Coordinate with subcontractors, assign activities, stick to project deadlines and deliver projects on time. This streamlined process brings you and your subcontractors together as one team to deliver the job.

Your Pain Points

  • Delays in processing subcontractor advance payments
  • Inability to process subcontractor invoices based on percentage of completion
  • Absence of tracker to know onsite work status and activity
  • Failure to manage change orders based on invoices received from subcontractor
  • Purchase orders for subcontracting is time consuming
  • Unable to manage terms and conditions on subcontract purchase orders
  • Maintain guarantee & warranty details for your subcontract work
  • Scope creep leading to inaccurate scope management
UniConstruct Software


Manage all your subcontract vendors in one place

Scope management for all your subcontract work

Control, manage and collaborate with your subcontractors using Microsoft teams and centralized Data Master

Exercise control over your purchase orders based on scope of work

Improved control over the items issued to subcontractors

Ability to manage all your subcontracting documents and terms

Subcontract Management System Features: Your Benefits.

Amend and create change orders and compare the change of scope with the baseline scope

Scope change management

Track advance and retention invoices and the balances

Reporting on advance and retention amounts

Manage Liens, warranties, insurance, terms and expiry of collateral documents

Invoicing by milestones with automated progressive and retention invoices

Role-based security

Store and manage subcontractors’ job-related documentation

Manage subcontract scope, scope breakup

Manage milestone payment and variation orders

Track materials issued to subcontractors

Track invoices against scope and scope details

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