Succession Planning

Identify and develop new leaders who can replace old leaders

Your business is vulnerable in situations of unexpected resignations, retirement or death of your valuable employees. With CEM’s Succession Planning Software, you can easily build competency-based talent pools for all critical business areas. You can recognize employees’ potential and develop new leaders to take charge.

Your Pain Points

  • Difficulty finding replacements for key leaders
  • Struggle building competency-based talent pools
  • No visibility on employees’ high potential therefore you cannot train them to fill open positions
  • Not having an automated HR software that suggests employees to fill open positions based on skills
Management Succession Planning


Succession planning tools based on your needs

Being able to have a talent pipeline to fill future positions

Employee growth through career development and succession planning

Qualify your employees to fill open positions

Insights to grow your talent pool with succession planning and employee management

Succession Planning Features. Your Benefits.

Insights to weight risks and take proactive measures

Create talent framework and pipeline to fill open positions

Insights and analytics to fill open positions with current employees based on skills and ratings

9 box view that will show you the best fit from the rising stars with percentage rating

Predictive analytics lets you choose or add candidates from outside the company or the skill base to the candidate pool

Skills analysis builder - you can pre-build the skills profile or build it within the succession plan

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