Disciplinary Actions and Termination

Record employee behavior and performance problems and take appropriate actions

Taking the right corrective actions and terminating an employee is a sensitive matter. CEM’s Disciplinary Action and Termination module stores all employees’ history of misconduct and disciplinary actions taken to give you the insights you need to make well-informed decisions. This HR disciplinary and termination management software bundle assists employers in the process of corrective actions through termination and offboarding.

Your Pain Points

  • You are not fully aware of the disciplinary code of conduct
  • Not having a proper termination process
  • You have no record of employee’s performance
  • Employee is unaware of your organization’s code of conduct
  • No proper documentation of employee’s history of disciplinary actions
  • Your system does not have corrective action, termination and offboarding integration
Disciplinary Action in HRM
Disciplinary Process Management Values and Features


All corrective action documentation in the software

A system that keeps you compliant with termination laws

You can digitally sign off and maintain the history of performance issues

Repeated performance incidents are documented and captured in the software

Disciplinary Actions and Termination Features. Your Benefits.

Corrective Action

Document all incidents and corrective actions

Written Documentation

Verbal and written warnings can be documented and stored in the system

Termination Process

Termination and off-boarding checklists and management

Workflows and Approvals

Automatic manager and employee signoffs and approvals in the software

Seamless Offboarding

Our off-boarding checklists and other offboarding action tools will make the offboarding process seamless


Integration with our Offboarding, HR and Payroll add-ons

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