Time & Attendance

Replace your outdated time cards and automate the tracking of your employees’ time

Keeping track of your employees’ time in the digital world should not be difficult. CEM’s employee Time and Attendance App allows employees to record time and attendance in a tablet or mobile device. The time entered will flow into your payroll. Our timesheets record time for salaried, union and certified workers on projects.

Your Pain Points

  • Employee time theft is a financial loss for your company
  • Manual timekeeping can be erroneous causing disputed wages
  • Loss in productivity due to time spent on maintaining time and attendance forms
  • Mix-ups in leave request and leave management
  • Using outdated timekeeping devices that do not integrate with payroll
  • Difficulty managing your employees working hours and leave
  • Inaccurate time keeping methods
Time and Attendance Systems
Time and Attendance Systems


Increase employee productivity with our automated Time and Attendance tracking system

Captures details like employee time and attendance, shift cycles, overtime, holiday and PTO information

Ability to track hourly and salaried employee hours

Maintain leave balances for accrued and available sick time, vacation or PTO

Keep you labor law compliant with automatic overtime calculations

Useful reporting for better employee leave management

Easy to use mobile tools for employees and managers

CEM’s Time and Attendance system can be accessed from multiple platforms including mobile devices

Time and Attendance software Features. Your Benefits.

Track working hours and overtime


Integration to Payroll

Track project hours via project time sheets

Seamless integration with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, Dynamics 365 CRM, Power BI, and 3rd party tools

Employee time and attendance tracking can be done on multiple platforms

Employee Self Service to request vacation or sick leave

Daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports with cloud-based time and attendance

Automated time and attendance system that runs through multiple channels: timesheets, project-based timesheets, time clocks and data entry terminals

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