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Business travel management

Easily organize and plan travel budgets, reimbursement expenses, and other travel expenses through our travel management application. Streamline the process by making it all available in one place. Our HR software fulfills the needs of organizations which require a seamless solution from planning to reimbursement.

Clients get the following benefits

  • Take control over your business requirements such as travel automation, expense reporting, streamline approvals
  • It is a single, global expense management application that reduces complexity and cost
  • Reduce administrative workload by leveraging workers, roles, organizations and security policies
  • Get a clear view about the travel plan, approval status, travel request creation, hotel bookings, ticket bookings, etc.
  • Easy submissions of claim & reimbursement
  • Automated document management, reimbursements and compliance mechanisms
  • Integrate with both the finance and accounts system
  • Efficient reporting system on travel spending and patterns
  • Complete workflow management capabilities. Customers can utilize this software module to gain control over the travel information management of employees.