A modern integrated construction software that streamlines the back-end processes, focuses on system interconnection and exchanges data securely and timely with ease

Our UniConstruct Solution is a one-stop shop for all your construction, accounting, project management, HR and payroll needs. This construction management software provides automation in construction by housing a human resource recruitment solution, a construction-focused payroll solution, a construction project management solution, a daily log mobile app for day-to-day activities and timesheets and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, a financial accounting and CRM software. From subcontracting, job costing, project management to all your accounting and advanced (Union/Certified) payroll needs – CEM’s UniConstruct has you covered!

Your Pain Points

  • Managing various systems that still don’t provide the cohesive, efficient solution you need
  • Lack of communication between the independent software for construction management, HR and Payroll solutions causing work duplication
  • Inconsistencies from managing multiple projects across different locations
  • Exhausted managing the inventory across transfers, adjustments and variable costs
  • Difficulty verifying scope and change orders before paying subcontractors
  • Stress from managing your construction equipment and their project times
  • Hiring the wrong employees because of poor recruiting software
  • Errors from calculating and tracking Union and Certified Payroll
  • Struggle getting real-time data and reporting because systems aren’t integrated


Simplifies your most complex construction needs with automation of on-site and back-office processes.

Fast access to the real-time data for the most accurate, efficient information

Integrated timesheets, attendance systems, HR/Payroll modules and project/account modules

Accurate timekeeping, updated tax rates, processed statutory deductions and easy reporting for complete compliance

Modern digitalization with our cloud-based construction software for a more convenient, efficient and user-friendly system

Support team of experts for confidence in construction management

UniConstruct Features: Your Benefits.

Human Resources

Recruit the right talent in less time and onboard them effectivity with our recruitment solution. Benefit from our HR automation software. Less manual work, allowing your HR team more time for employee interaction.


We understand the construction industry has very specific needs. CEM Payroll takes care of advanced payroll needs, such as Union and Certified Payroll, with automation and calculation engines.


A construction management software that provides a one-stop-shop for all your construction, accounting and project management needs. We have you covered from subcontracting, job costing, project management to all your accounting requirements. Our construction software utilizes Power BI for insights into your jobs using reports and dashboards.

Daily Log

CEM Daily Log mobile app is a powerful project tool that brings flexibility and convenience to managers for tracking day-to-day activities, such as timesheet reporting, equipment & material tracking, and incidents.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Improve your construction business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, a financial accounting and CRM software for businesses. You can manage all your sales, purchase, inventory, project, financial transactions, and customer insights in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

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HR & Payroll
Scaffolding Management Software services
Construction Automation
Succession Planning Software Values and Features
Daily Log
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

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