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Union Payroll Software

CEM’s Union Payroll processes payroll for different labor unions in all the 50 states. Integrated natively with D365, it can calculate different union rates, fringe benefits, leave, absence, overtime and pension. Complex union formulas are configurable. Union payments, deductions and reporting are easy and accurate. Integrations to 3rd party T&A and benefit providers are available.

CEM’s union payroll software is designed to handle the growing payroll processes of your business. Integrated with Dynamics 365, calculate union deductions, union rates, and fringe benefits in one application. Calculations can be done by trade codes or can be setup per project and state. For complex calculations, the formula builder will allow users to setup custom formulas.

Track union deductions for different union types, and gain access to labor union data and flexible reporting to supervisors.  All data is saved in the cloud for easy and reliable access anywhere. Once the application is set up, automate the tedious payroll processes, and save time for tasks that will grow and build your business. Think dynamics, act with CEM!

Major features of CEM union payroll include:

Union payroll processing engine integrated with payroll

Integration with timesheet and various attendance systems

Integration with projects and account payable modules

Track union deductions for multiple labor classifications and multiple unions

Automatically calculate union deductions and wages

Powerful fringe
benefit calculations

Easy access to labor union data with flexible reporting

Ability to enter special
pay & field expenses


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