Union Payroll

Processes payroll for every labor unions in all 50 states

Manage your complex union calculations with CEM Union Payroll in D365. Most unions have specific rules and requirements regarding pay scales and payroll processing. Due to these complex requirements, unions prefer that companies use an automated payroll processing software. CEM’s Union Payroll processes payroll for different labor unions in all 50 states. Integrated natively with D365, it can calculate different union rates, fringe benefits, leave, absence, overtime, and pension.

Your Pain Points

  • Calculating different union rates is a never-ending process
  • Union payroll reporting is tedious
  • Can’t handle complex payroll processing for public and private sector
  • Can’t track workers’ compensation on projects
  • Can’t stay in compliance with labor laws
  • It is difficult to simultaneously process payroll for both regular-pay employees and union employees
  • Multiple unions under one roof leads to confusion within payroll benefits
Union Payroll Processing and Reporting
Union Payroll Software Values and Features


Easy report generation after union payroll processing

Integration to different projects in different states

Supports workers’ compensation

Compliant with all US labor laws

Simultaneously process union and non-union employee payroll

Easy access to labor union data and flexible reporting

Manage all your complex payroll functions, determine exact union rates, differentials, overtime assessments, fringe benefit management and payroll taxes all in one system

Union Payroll Features: Your Benefits.

Union payments, deductions, and reporting

Integrations to third-party time and attendance (T&A) and benefit providers

Formula builder for users to configure custom union formulas

Automated time-tracking

Automated accruals management and tracking

Easy configurable shifts

Union-based compliance report for employer and employee

Union fringe calculation formula builder

Workers' compensation and general liability management

Leave management

Integrated to HR and payroll modules

Integration with projects and accountspayable modules

Integration with various timesheet and attendance systems

Ability to enter special pay & field expenses

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