Worker Housing Management

Find and manage temporary worker housing with ease and automation

Effectively manage your temporary worker accommodations, while saving your company time and money. Make your temporary accommodations more comfortable and convenient, provide automated management, check-in and check-outs with ease and coordinate all aspects of the various food options with a catering company. The CEM’s Worker Housing Management software gives you the tools and the software to manage all these resources and their needs.

Your Pain Points

  • Managing multiple job sites and locations
  • Difficulty managing the housing needs, food requirements and comfort
  • Maintaining agreements for food and accommodation with the vendors
  • Managing the time logs and timesheets of these resources is difficult
  • Computing, accounting & tracking the job costs
  • Tracking and matching the payments to the invoices of the vendors
Worker Housing Management Software
construction worker housing management ERP Values


Providing separate housing rooms for different teams

Managing multiple project workforces under the same or different housing units

Maximum utilization of housing capacity

Managing housing expenses for projects

Maintain the catering agreements for food & accommodation agreements with vendors

Maintain separate agreements for food & accommodation requirements of occupants

Processing check-in, check-out & periodic time logs for occupants

Posting costs and expenses incurred into project costs

Processing vendor invoices and matching with the hours used

Providing quality comfort for well-rested workers

Worker Housing Management Features: Your Benefits.

Log daily time logs with timesheet

Track and post housing rent and expenses to the projects

Manage the check-in and check-out times to get accurate hours of use

Payment certification feature for rented housing

Trade agreements with terms and conditions for rented housing

Structured inquiries for all the related transactions

Cost and expense posting into the projects for owned housing

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