Your Construction Company Will Be Open Soon, Then What?

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Your Construction Company Will Be Open Soon, Then What?

Construction sites will be opening soon and when they do, many things will change. There will be protections for workers and among those is the software and technology used for completing projects. Social distancing, disinfection and precautions will be with us for a while and we need to decide how to navigate this and still collaborate, design, engineer and build safely.

There have been many companies that have adopted new technologies to streamline their processes and many that have not. Many companies are happy to use older mismatch technologies that have worked for their companies for years. There are also many companies that have not upgraded their technology for past 10, 15 or 20 years.But,in order to get the most out of technology you need to embrace and adopt new technologies on a regular basis.

It’s easy to avoid thinking about upgrading your technology especially if you have something that seems to work OK. And to think of the pain and downtime of upgrading from a legacy system or systems to one new all-encompassing ERP system may seem like a bigger headache than it’s worth. But with your downtime now, is a great time to think about how you’re going to come out of this pandemic and how your business is going to thrive.

There are many companies right now that are shut down or working with skeleton crews wondering what it’s going to look like when they come out.  I’ve read articles about sending the workers back to social distance 6 feet from each other while they’re working on a job site wearing gloves and masks an all the PPE you could name but how is that going to help?

According to a paper from McKinsey & Company, there will be many steps taken to protect their back office workers and their worksite employees as well as their supply chains. Wall McKenzie believes that economic activity could be back on track by 2021 construction may take a long-term hit to its supply chain. So how would companies work through these shortages and handicaps?

One of the larger takeaways from the McKinsey article is a move to prefabricated and modular construction as much as possible. Given the need for tight supply lines and just in time production accompanies computer systems enterprise resource planning systems must be up to the task. There needs to be better digitalization and use of this the digitalization in order to drive production, productivity and profitability.

As more companies see the benefits of remote working, many companies Will employ more remote workers using better and better collaboration tools. The people left doing the actual labor in more climate controlled and safer facilities will be building modular products using more technology and less people. Supply chains will need to be rebuilt away from higher profit more efficient models to more resilient and dependable models regardless of cost. Digital workflow management will become more important as well as real-time progress tracking an advanced schedule optimization according to McKinsey.

So what does this mean For the construction industry? Well, more people are going to have to put more time into planning, streamlining,and executing faster safer projects. workers will be need to be better trained better educated and much more adaptable in the future. And clients will need to understand that moving forward will require slightly different thinking wear safety and efficiency are concerned.

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