HR & Payroll Automation

Simplify your HR & payroll processes - focus on growing your business

Employees are the core of any organization. Automate your HR and Payroll processes to increase employee productivity and run a hassle-free payroll. Our HR and Payroll Automation process is adept in various areas including HR, Payroll, Finance, and Project management modules. CEM has developed different add-ons to ensure that your HR and Payroll automation software takes care of your entire organization workflow processes, by making the process seamless.

Your Pain Points:

  • Difficult overtime calculations
  • Challenging time sheet management & entry
  • PTO management issues
  • No integrated HR and Payroll management software
  • Lack of benefit management
  • Facing complicated tax issues
  • Drowning in manual paperwork
  • Poor employee management
  • Minimal employee productivity
HR and Payroll Automation software

HR and Payroll Automation Features: Your Benefits.

Payroll add-ons

Payroll add-ons built using the Dynamics AX / D365 code framework. These add-ons include Union Payroll, Certified Payroll, 9/80 payroll, and Global Payroll.

Integration with modern Onboarding and Offboarding wizards

Easy and modern onboarding and offboarding with CEM’s independent and stand-alone tool.

Overtime calculation

Automatic overtime calculation. Minimal time spent on reconciliation of hours worked and pay.

Automated Performance Management

Identify talent and empower your leaders with interim appraisal, and automated performance workflows and alerts.

Integration to PTO

Control over your PTO and PTO balances. Configure your company’s PTO cash-out policies.

Easily configure appraisal and planning periods

Maximize employee productivity with predefined plans and goals. Receive alerts and email reminders at every stage of their performance.

Project timesheets integration in D365

Easy payroll processing with project timesheets in Dynamics 365. Fully integrated to payroll, projects, and project activities.

Automated HR system

Benefit from our HR automation software. Less manual work, allowing your HR team more time for employee interaction.

Applicant Tracking System / Applicant Portal

Easy and automated hiring process with ESS capabilities. Stand-alone or integrated to Dynamics 365.

Flexible platform for all HR functions on Microsoft Talent

Intuitive user experience with predictive insights and analytics to better handle all your HR needs.

Products List

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent
Microsoft HR
Payroll Software Services
Union Payroll Software
Union Payroll
Certified Payroll
Certified Payroll
9/80 Payroll software
9/80 Payroll
Performance Management software
Performance Management
Applicant portal-ATS software
Applicant Portal / ATS
Employee Onboarding Process
Time and Attendance Systems
Time & Attendance
Succession Planning Software Values and Features
Succession Planning
Disciplinary Action in HRM
Disciplinary Actions and Termination
Offboarding Employees

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